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m5james 12-08-2020 12:06 AM

Rebuilt N54, VTT 2+, inlets, DCI, otherwise stock...which MHD map
LONG story but I've had to replace the engine in the GF's 535xiT not once, but twice (1st from a failed injector, 2nd time from a spun bearing) so I've done some mods while it's out yet again:

- plugged head ports
- catch can
- Vargas stage 2's that I got for deal (stock turbos seized when rod bearings failed)
- silicone inlets
- ER CP w/ Forge DV's

In the mail:
- index 12 injectors

In a box:
- VRSF 7" intercooler that I'll install in Spring

I'm curious what MHD flash I should use (I had already bought map pack 1 & 2 prior to the swap) but I've got an odd combo so I'm not sure which is the best to use during engine break-in. Even though MHD recommends DP's and IC, I've flashed stage 2+ for 91 with the thoughts of these turbos and inlets will help flow more psi than stock so I figured the flash will add extra fuel as needed vs running a stock flash and running lean. I've gotten a 30FE and. 3100 but I expected that with the extra airflow.

I have yet to buy MHD Monitoring (did it go up in price recently or is it just me?), but I also could have sworn there was a subforum where people shared their tunes for free. Pipe dream?

Nevertheless it's good to have the car running again and there won't be any tourings launched into the Pacific so long as it stays that way :-)

ruskiracer 12-08-2020 03:56 PM

I would not run upgraded turbos on maps that are designed for stock turbos. Pay a well known tuner $300-$350 and you won't regret it

m5james 12-08-2020 04:02 PM

Ken @ ***** is a name I recall...is he still the only goto?

ruskiracer 12-08-2020 04:17 PM

Ken is good he's so busy though hes hard to get ahold of. There's many other good tuners that have much quicker response time. Doc vu tuning hes good, v8bait(Justin), cd919 I can't remember his name but there all good. Doc vu is doing a $50 Off holiday sale currently. He tunes my single turbo car no complaints whatsoever very happy.

m5james 12-08-2020 04:29 PM

Yeah, my buddy just said the same thing and he's got a modded touring as well. He said he used Ivan and Duane, who are a couple BMW guys close to me in the Seattle area.

Does anyone do free adjustments? Like my plan isn't to install the IC until this Spring and then who knows what else I may do even though it's the GF's car. The only reason I ask is because I paid $600 for a custom tune on my Ford Harley Davidson F150 (forged engine, Kenne Bell supercharger, supporting mods, blah blah blah) and that $600 included an AEM wideband, OBDII dongle and lifetime adjustments so long as it's not something wild like going supercharged to twin turbo.

ruskiracer 12-08-2020 04:35 PM

I can really only say for the tuners I've worked with but I know doc vu, and cd919 offer revisions free of charge they just charge of you want multiple fuel maps. but the big intercooler won't have any affects on the the time just keeps things nice and cool

m5james 12-08-2020 05:13 PM

Neither of them come up on an advanced search...can you link their profile pages, please.

KevinC39 12-09-2020 07:07 AM

I believe doc vu is one of the Facebook/Instagram dudes so that's probably where you have to search

amsnow440 12-09-2020 07:49 AM

TREBILA Performance Custom flash and full JB4 support - N54Tech.com - International Turbo Racing Discussion

m5james 12-09-2020 07:37 PM

I've reached out to DocVu and he's been helpful so far. Thanks for those who've replied and I'll update the post as things go along.

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