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Default 12-06-2017, 10:50 PM

Does anyone know how to disable the target boost limit when using map 7?

In my car the TARGET is limited to DME_BT + 13.5 psi, which makes for unpredictable TARGET behavior, when using anything above a 40 adder as it is colder now my car can have a 5 PSI DME_BT, when this happens it results in a boost limit of only 18.5 PSI.

I really want to run 21-22 psi with consistent target setting, but cannot find any way to do it so far, especially as really need to be 1-2 psi below target to avoid throttle closures.

I know I can just run map 6 but I really like the protection in map 7 and I do not want to be limited to 18.5 psi on WMI.

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