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Default 04-24-2017, 11:13 AM

Originally Posted by GRIMBMW
Hello everyone,

I own a FBO 335I, it's a pwg model and after reading reviews from this site. I saw that the pure stage 1 would be a good upgrade for a PWG 335I.

A few months ago in placed an order for the stage 1. Around middle February. Paid about 2012.12 dollars. Around mid march in asked about the status of my order and was told I'd receive a UPS number in a week.

Around two more weeks, April 5th no UPS number so I got a bad feeling, worried I was going to get an email asking for another 500 for a special turbo upgrade. So I asked for a refund. It's April 24th and no one from the company will give me an answer.

I'm little strapped as what I can do since I'm serving overseas. Has anyone else had this problem? I ordered from, is this the legit website of the company or have I been scammed?
Your email probably went to junk or something. We don't "scam" people, lol. What's your email address? Or Inv#? Or something so we can track this and check on it. Just msg us.
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