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Originally Posted by protecon
Terry said to use 0 for the S63 firmware >

OEM part number is 7585494-02 or 13627585494 - quick google doesn't bring up any pressure rating for this sensor, however I have a big "4" printed on mine = 4 bar sensor?

I tried mine at N20 = 1 a while back, and it caused JB4 to log boost peaks upwards of 28.5psi, which is incorrect...

No idea what using N20 = 2 would do.
I'm curious as well since I run map 1 without issue but map 6 (21psi across the board) and I get reduced power warning, stumbling/shuddering under boost accompanied with a P12A9 code -

This happened last night when roll racing a buddy in his supercharged E55...didn't get past 3rd gear before it fell it on it's face. I flashed back to an older firmware that still allow autoclear, power cycled the engine, switched to map 1 and walked his god w/o issue after that. I don't recall why, but at some point I'd switched back to map 6 last night, parked and called it a night. Some bro in his stanced Legacy wrapped in COBB stickers was camped in the LH lane OMW into work. Went to pass him only to get reduced power as he walked this guy thinks he's faster than me, oh the humility!!

I can't imagine we're running a 4bar sensor. I've posted within this thread ( where the S63 use the same boost sensor as the N54 and multiple other vehicles, compared part numbers on realoem and the S63TU uses the same part number as the upgraded N20 tmap sensor that N54 users change to when they're pushing well beyond stock limits. I haven't been able to check the voltage on mine, but I'm still tempted to buy the N20 sensor and adapter cable from Terry just to be completely sure.

EDIT - we're looking at two different pressure're looking at the ones on the intercoolers while I'm referring to the one on the intake manifold-

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