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Originally Posted by Terry @ BMS
When loading a race use only flash people should realize they are providing their VIN and personal information to an entity, who under subpoena, will be forced to turn that information over to the government, to BMW, or whoever requests it.
Originally Posted by Terry @ BMS
We do not store customer information nor would we ever release any customer information without a subpoena.

No one likes compliance but it's a necessary part of any successful business. Minor changes like this not only protect us but also our customers.
Terry, thanks for clarifying on releasing customer info. that's a much more comforting statement that first one ... though TBH I still don't understand , if you won't release without a subpoena, how BMW or 'whomever' else could force you to turn that info over.

Also not sure how to reconcile the two statements above in bold. Can you help me understand - What personal customer information do you have to turn over if you don't store customer information?

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