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Originally Posted by sch4400
I placed an order the fuel line from fuel it. But they just canceled it. And they told me
"Unfortunately as per to our policy we do not customize kits or send out individual components. Sorry for the inconvenience although fuel line should we widely available online if it is just the lines you are needing, thanks. "
I had bought so many items from fuel it at steve(around $3.5k)but they dont want to sell individual components.
Anyway where can i get the fuel line?
It's not that they're deliberately ignoring a large portion of the market, I think they just don't have the resources to offer support to customised installs. You either install it out-of-the-box, as per instructions, or figure it out yourself. I somewhat sympathise with BMS in this regard (reading through this forum daily), trying to troubleshoot a potential myriad of problems.. ..over the internet. Sure, you might only be adding additional length to a hose, or changing the configuration slightly, but you're introducing additional factors that unless documented in detail, could take some time to diagnose.

A bit like internet providers that will only help you with their supplied hardware.
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