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Originally Posted by protecon
It's not that they're deliberately ignoring a large portion of the market, I think they just don't have the resources to offer support to customised installs. You either install it out-of-the-box, as per instructions, or figure it out yourself. I somewhat sympathise with BMS in this regard (reading through this forum daily), trying to troubleshoot a potential myriad of problems.. ..over the internet. Sure, you might only be adding additional length to a hose, or changing the configuration slightly, but you're introducing additional factors that unless documented in detail, could take some time to diagnose.

A bit like internet providers that will only help you with their supplied hardware.
I just want to buy the HPFP to tank fuel line. The HPFP to tank fuel line Length is enough to me. So I placed an order that fuel line. But they canceled it and sent me a email. I dont blame them. That is their policy. Just want to buy fuel line same fuel-it.
Where can I get them?
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