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I contacted fuel-it stave.
He sent me a email.
"You did your own DIY stage 3 and continually kept contacting us for support on your DIY project. We have made exceptions for you and every time we do, it's caused issues. Consequently we are no longer supporting your project. You told us before you sourced your own fuel lines...I would suggest doing that again.


I only want to buy the fuel line which is tank to HPFP . the fuel line legnth is enough to me to doing DIY project.
but they don't sell the part. I don't want them to do customize or repair something like.

they told me like this

"Unfortunately as per to our policy we do not customize kits or send out individual components. Sorry for the inconvenience although fuel line should we widely available online if it is just the lines you are needing, thanks"

so, 5 series doens't have a fuel stage 3.
but they sold the port injection kit for 5 series.
It' s so ridiculous.
cause It couldn't use Pi kit correctly without fuel stage 3 things. As you know need more e85 fuel volume run more power like over 550whp.

I already bought Port injection kit and fuel stage 2 and also fuel return line with FPR and also fuel line which is pump to e85 sensor to HPFP and PI kit.
They sold me that parts.
now I want to run with more power but couldn't do that. cause the fuel volume is too small. decided and doing own my DIY project to upgrade fuel pump ...
so I need more fuel line. so, placed an order their web site which is Fuel line upgrade Tank to HPFP line. I just need that line for my DIY project.
but they just canceled what I placed an order .

also, I had problem with steve around 2 month ago.
I placed an order the fuel line kit include FRP with return line and tank to sensor to HPFP line.
but they send me without FRP.
so I contacted steve for that, he told me that "we sent me the all of items correctly, 100 percent sure. "
and the steve said, my shipping company had mistake. he 100% sure.
so I asked to shipping company the CCTV(video rec) , when my items checked... there is no FRP anywhere. so I sent a video clip to steve. then He never said like sorry. just sent me a another FRP.

I didn't mention this episode anywhere.
but point of view...they are not good on my situation.
cause, they mistke is not mistake.

I will capture the email what I had conversition with steve.
If he is good seller...He should said sorry to me.

Sorry broken english~

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