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Originally Posted by Steve @ BMS/Fuel-It!
You are incorrect. We have a Stage 3 and a Stage 4 bucketless but they are not listed on our website as it is currently being redone. All of the new items will be on the new website once it is competed.

Where do you get $590, our single bucketless is $399.95. If you choose to upgrade the filter which most don't need, it's $550 but that includes a custom filter, a custom bracket, and you don't destroy your bucket and can return to stock any time. Frankly, most don't need the Stage 3 or Stage 4 setup but for those that do, we do offer them as well.

Like I said before, I'm not bagging on any company out there, but for some reason you and others keep throwing up your products against this solution lets talk about it:

Interesting. I've never seen the dual or triple option discussed anywhere or on your website before. What's the price on your dual bucketless with dual hydramats, hobbs switch, and lock ring removal tool?

I didn't destroy my original bucket either. Its sitting on my garage shelf.
I bought a $40 bucket from and modified it.

I don't do stages so I'm not sure what stage 3 or 4 is but I can say that this dual walbro's setup I described will get you almost anywhere you want be. Considering that this setup is cheaper than what you are charging for a single Walbro, why wouldnt you go for two pumps instead of one?

I could do the entire thing again with one Walbro and one hydramat and it would cost me about $300. If I removed the hydramat from the equation to match your $400 single bucketless option then the cost drops by almost half. Are you saying your custom option out performs this setup which is why it would be about $250 more?
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