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Rehosted pics and reposted (originals are low res).

Originally Posted by TEC
I'm not sure what happened to the original post so I'm reposting this. Mod's if you have an issue with this post please let me know.

Share time!

So my goal was to install two Walbro 450 pumps so that I could run e85 and push boost above 17 psi on the stock turbos and in the future possibly run a PI setup. I looked at a few companies offerings but I decided that I could build something that rivaled and even bettered what is currently on the market for a cheaper cost. This is not a knock on any company or their pricing for dual intank pumps but rather my Colt/DSM mentality to do it yourself and learn more about your car in the process.

In the end what was created is basically a bucketless dual walbro 450 setup. While parts of the stock bucket remain, the venturi system is removed which should produce higher flow numbers for the system.

I’m not sure how this forum feels about posting pricing so I will intentionally leave this information out. You can PM me if you want to know where I picked up my parts.

For this build I bought:
Used stock fuel bucket – junk yard
2 Walbro 450 Pumps with electrical connectors (no fuel socks needed)
2 Holley Hydramats (model 16-111) - 15”x3” for Walbro pumps

He took the used bucket and with some modifications came up with this:

What you see are two Walbro fuel pumps in a modified stock fuel bucket with an adapter to hold the pumps in place. Here is a look at the adapter as it was being laid out for use:

The two pumps feed into PTE tubing and a PTE Y adapter. When I decide to go PI I will probably go back and feed only one pump into the stock fuel line and use the other pump to feed the PI. I cut a hole in the top of the fuel pump bucket top and fed through the wiring for the secondary pump.

The main pump uses the stock wiring and is controlled by the DME as is the stock pump. The second pump is controlled by a Hobbs Switch mounted in the trunk.

I am using the “prototype” adapter. I’ve been told that a newer version exists that looks more like this:

My total cost for this project (all in is about $600) is less than what I would have paid another company for their version of the same thing, with the added bonus of being bucketless (higher flow rates) and able to utilize the newest technology being the hydramats which no company currently offers.

I’ve been driving the car with this setup installed and so far it has worked perfectly…no added pump noise and no LPFP fall off from E85 use.
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