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Default 04-06-2020, 10:17 AM

Terry has replied a few times to just use the canbus wires and tmaps only as the fuel wires arent generally needed for map 1/2. I would like to run the fuel wires and bcm as thats what i purchased.

Ive read the install diy for the n63 but the problem is coming out of the jb4 unit they have the green and purple fuel wires and the wires coming out of mine are brown and black not purple and green so im not sure if brown or black females go to pin 45 of the black connector or pin 44 of the grey connector.

I read that they just ran out of purple and green wire which is why i dont have it but i also bought it used so I dont have instructions and the previous owner just labelled them in/out.

Thank you for any help
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