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Default JB4 vs MHD - 05-01-2017, 02:13 PM

Hey everyone! This is my first post on this forum and I'm hoping I can get some better answers here than I did on other sites. I have a bone stock E92 335i that I bought a couple months ago and I'm looking to start modding. I've been knocking off the preventative maintenance to get my car ready for extra power. So far I have done a walnut blast, spark plugs, and coil packs. Now I'm looking to get a tune along with *** less ********* and maybe an upgraded intercooler. However, I'm having a hard time deciding which time is best for me; JB4 or MHD. Now before you all just tell me to search, please understand that I have but most of those threads are people explaining HOW each individual tune works or just telling the OPs to search lol. I do understand the difference between how a piggyback works vs a flash tune, that is not my question. My question is which tune is best for my goals. My goal is a safe and reliable 350ish whp. The only mods I want to do are the ones I mentioned before. I have 0 interest in going mod crazy. I don't want to run E85, Meth, upgraded turbos, etc.
So could someone please explain to me the benefits/drawbacks of a JB4 vs MHD? Because from what I've been reading, it seems that MHD gives you the same power gains as JB4 for a fraction of the cost. But JB4 still remains wildly popular amongst the N54 crowd. There must be a reason for that. What is it? And if you're going to tell me to run both, please explain WHY I should.
Thank you
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Default 05-01-2017, 02:23 PM

If all you want is an N54 flash tune you can load it using the BimmerBoost software for free. MHD offers some additional features and data logging to flash mapping but you pay more for them and have to pay for their maps. The JB4 can be run with or without a backend flash map and offers many unique features not possible flash only (like startup-sweep, in dash boost gauge, in dash shift light, etc), unlike a flash only tune can be easily removed and resold later, and offers auto tuning. Eliminating the need for custom mapping and endless logging to setup your wastegates, fuel trims, mods, fuel mixture, seasonal weather changes, etc.

The thread with the JB4 back end flash maps explains some of the benefits of adding in a JB4 to the mix and why it's so wildly popular: http://www.n54tech.com/forums/showthread.php?t=29236

Beyond that to let the thread continue will likely result in yet another tuner flame war so I'm just going to close it. You can ask follow up questions within the back end flash thread above provided the discussion remains civil.

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